The Angry Mob And Their Counterfeit Religion

The Angry Mob And Their Counterfeit Religion

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its savor, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” — Matthew 5:13.

The rage and hatred being exhibited in America right now isn’t something that just suddenly sprang up and pushed itself into our society by its own power. If our country was filled to the brim with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a vibrant Church, there would be no massive moral void for these anarchists and nihilists to expand their territory; nor would there exist the spiritual oxygen to fuel their fiery bitterness and spark their Marxist revolution. No, these angry agitators easily found their stronghold in the vacuum being created in the West by the retreat of Christianity and in some areas, the complete collapse of Christian influence. What we are witnessing right now is a spiritual crisis coming to a head in America.

How can this be, you might ask. How can a radical sociopolitical movement led by Antifa protesters and the Black Lives Matter organization find its power within the abandoned territory of a failing Christianity? Isn’t there a clear difference between issues of Church and State, or theology and democracy? The answer may somewhat surprise you: This isn’t primarily a political uprising we are seeing, but a new secular religion spreading an alternative gospel of socialist ideology in opposition to the traditional belief systems that sustained America as “one nation under God” for over 200 years. The seditious words and violent deeds of these social justice zealots show all the hallmarks of a religious fervor intent on establishing their one true “faith.” And those who stand in the way of their moral crusade will either bend the knee or be destroyed.

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The Spiritual Lust Of The Four Inklings

Many Christians today are unaware of how much the Inklings were influenced by Occultism and esoteric philosophers, and how this dark cloud in their history cannot help but adversely affect their literary works, their theology, and even their Christian witness.

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Rude Awakening For The Christian Dreamer

Considering the deadly upheavals rising in the world today, some Christians who are spiritually asleep will be unmindful of the coming judgment. During their slumber, they will be oblivious to the spiritual conditions of their surroundings. While asleep, in fact, the enemy will have advanced against them. And then, one day soon, these Christian dreamers will experience a rude awakening when the alarm of God sounds off and they are tossed from their soft warm beds.

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Turn Up The Signal; Drown Out The Noise

In a very real sense, Satan and his myriad of fallen angels are perfectly positioned like ethereal transmitters to disperse their deadly falsehoods to unsuspecting humanity below in order to undermine the truth of God. As professing Christians, what signal are we sending out to counter this vile static?

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Where Would We Be Without TRUTH?

Without truth, all the people on the earth would be lost in a stormy tempest of lies without a lighthouse to guide them to safe harbor. They would have no faith to chart their course, no hope in which to anchor their souls to God, and no love to fill their sails. Is this not the dire situation we are beginning to witness in the world today? How many poor souls are now living in fear instead of faith, depression instead of hope, and anger instead of love?

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Why The World’s Dark Business Is Booming

Have you noticed that this world seems to be shifting more and more into a trajectory of chaos and uncertainty? Surely in an age of global connectivity, scientific precision and meticulous social engineering, we should be achieving a high level of stability, but this is not the case. Instead we are witnessing a gathering swell of rage, fear, depression, and a growing lust for drugs, alcohol, and pornography that is tearing at the moral fabric of our society. Why is this?

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You Can’t Tell Me What To Do! I’m Free!

In recent years, the doctrine of “Christian liberty” has been frequently invoked as a God-given right which allows the individual believer to pursue an unspecified range of worldly activities limited only by his or her “spiritually-informed” conscience. The following imaginary discourse is presented to provoke the reader to consider the real possibility that the believer’s personal liberty is not so easily exercised when challenged by the Bible’s teaching on the matter, especially in light of the spiritual ramifications to one’s Christian testimony and service to others…

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