The Littlest Twig

twig_fruitTragedy came to the Rasmussin family a few weeks ago during a typical summer thunderstorm, the likes of which we annually survive as residents of Gazingstock, MO. In this case, an old rotted mulberry tree in the yard came crashing through the roof of the Rasmussin home during a particularly violent wind gust. Mr. Rasmussin was injured during the collapse when a large branch slammed upon his bed, narrowly missing Mrs. Rasmussin as she slept. Mr. Rasmussin was rescued by firemen from the nearby station and transported to St. Francis hospital in Maryville with a leg fracture and extensive contusions.

The reason the League of Tyndale knows about this incident is that the Rasmussins’ elderly neighbor, Nathalie Doorlag, called to solicit our help. Knowing that the fallen tree would need to be removed (and this not being the responsibility of the city or county), she inquired as to whether or not the men of the League might be able to tend to this problem pro bono. We said we were surely disposed to do so, and would dispatch a volunteer chainsaw unit to resolve the issue as a testament to Ephesians 2:10.

Later that day, the task was skillfully completed by our dedicated crew and we gave all glory to God.

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The Single Plank

When Mr. M’Laren of Edinburgh was dying, Mr. Gustart, his associate pastor, paid him a visit, and inquired of him, “What are you now doing, my brother?” The strong and earnest response of the dying minister was, “I’ll tell you what I am doing, brother…

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