The Sacred Sandwich Newspaper Staff

The official printing arm of the League of Tyndale, The Sacred Sandwich newspaper and publishing company is located on the corner of 2nd & Main in the bucolic township of Gazingstock, MO in Nodaway County. The Sandwich office is usually open Monday through Friday after Harvey finishes the morning chores on his farm and can get into town to unlock the door.

President & Publisher: Angus Wordsworth Duncan;  Managing Editor: Durwood Cumbey;  Reporter: Horace Pike;  Proofreader: Lily Smukler;  Wayfaring Correspondent: The Bohemian Baptist;  Staff Theologian: Emmett Peabody;  Staff Theologian: Maurice Peabody;  Advertising/Obituary Editor: Otis Clutterbuck;  Photographer: H. K. Doolittle;  Typesetter/Printer: Harvey Cline;  Mascot: Humphrey;  Subscriptions & Distribution: Arlo Pendergast.


Editor & Essayist

C. R. Carmichael


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