The Sacred Sandwich
  • May4th

    sherlock jr and humphrey

    Out at the Sacred Sandwich Stables…

    Sherlock Jr.: I just need to clear my head a bit, Humphrey. Hope you don’t mind me hanging out with you. Thought I’d get a little fresh air.. and maybe a fresh perspective on the case.

    Humphrey: (Turns to look at him.)

    Sherlock Jr.: I must say, it’s beautiful out here. Springtime in Gazingstock and all that. Nice.

    Humphrey: (Deep breath, then let’s it out.)

    Sherlock Jr.: I suppose you know why I’m in town: searching for your buddy Angus… I’m sure you miss him like everyone else around here.

    Humphrey: (low nickering.)

    Sherlock Jr.: You wouldn’t happen to know where he is, would you?

    Humphrey: (Looks away.)

    Sherlock Jr.: Of course, you don’t. You’re a mule… What was I thinking?

    Humphrey: (Lays ears back.)

    Sherlock Jr.: It’s just that this case has me flummoxed, Humphrey. It seems almost certain Angus traveled to the past, but I haven’t been able to figure out how he got there or how we might get him back.

    Humphrey: (Turns to look at him again.)

    Sherlock Jr.: And my only real clue is that key to the Metropolitan Tabernacle, but what was it doing in Angus’ safe? Wouldn’t he take it with him if he were traveling back to London in 1888 to use it? I just don’t get it.

    Humphrey: (Blinks.)

    Sherlock Jr.: Of course, the strange thing is, that key is waay too small for the lock on the Tabernacle’s front door. Devlin figured that out as soon as I described the key to him. Little key equals little lock on a little door. So if it really is a key to the Tabernacle’s door, then we need to be looking for a little door… or a little Tabernacle.

    Humphrey: (Nickering.)

    Sherlock Jr.: (Laughing.) Heh, you wouldn’t happen to know where I can find a little Metropolitan Tabernacle, would you?

    Humphrey: (Bobs head.)

    Sherlock Jr.: Pffff, what am I saying. You’re a mule. You wouldn’t know any—

    Humphrey: (Turns and slowly walks away.)

    Sherlock Jr.: Hey, wait a minute. Where you going? Humphrey?… Humphrey!

  • May1st


    Devlin’s third artifact: A photograph from a Christian men’s conference held in Berkshire in the spring of 1888, with the notable attendance of Charles H. Spurgeon and his guest, known only as “A.W.,” as inscribed on the back.

    I dare not fathom what, or should I say, who I am seeing.

  • May1st


    Found by Devlin in the possession of the London Historical Society, this postcard (front and back shown) was sent to the Rev. Charles Spurgeon in May of 1888 by an unknown friend.

  • May1st

    angus newspaper

    One of Devlin’s first finds: As reported in The Derby Gazette on May 1st, 1888, a mystery man known only as “A.W.” is wanted by Scotland Yard for questioning.

  • May1st

    victorian london

    My head is spinning. For the past few days, Sherlock Jr.’s associate in London has scoured the vast archives and libraries of the city by the Thames in search of any affiliated references to Angus Wordsworth Duncan, time travel, or Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle from the year 1888. He even did a cursory scan for the name or likeness of Coddington Borax among the available databases—in case Angus’s nemesis had somehow followed him there. Devlin’s haul contains but a few items, but they are astounding nonetheless. The Sacred Sandwich will now post the contents in due course for our readers’ examination.

    Unless this is all an unmitigated hoax or my eyes have deceived me, I believe Angus was (and perhaps still is) abiding in Victorian London, 1888. — Durwood Cumbey

  • May1st


    A document envelope from London has just been hand-delivered by courier to the Sacred Sandwich office. Our man Devlin has come through. Paralyzed by anticipation, Sherlock Jr. takes a deep breath before opening the blasted thing… Get on with it, man!

  • April30th

    sherlock jr and corky2

    Today, our intrepid detective, Sherlock Jr., met privately with Corky Velveeta, the plucky ambassador of Calvinistic Cartoons, to get a debriefing on the case of the missing Angus. Like me, Sherlock Jr. was initially quite dubious of CC’s claim that Angus had time-traveled to 1888, but the mounting evidence recently uncovered has opened up the distinct possibility. Within hours of placing a call to CC headquarters in Kuwait asking for Eddie Eddings’ help in the matter, Corky was dispatched to Gazingstock for a face-to-eyepatch meeting. As I write this, the two of them are behind a closed door in deep discussion.

    As soon as our proofreader Lily Smukler hears anything through her empty glass against the wall, we will let our readers know. Meanwhile, we await further correspondence from Devlin on what he has discovered in London…  — Durwood Cumbey